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Skills Teens Want. Advice They Need.

There are youth motivational speakers. And then there is Patrick Perez.

High school kids usually tune out youth motivational speakers, not really paying attention and forgetting the message as soon as it’s over. Not with Patrick. He doesn’t talk down to the kids, he connects with them because, at heart, he’s really a big kid himself. Imagine a break-dancing alien just appeared in one of your school’s high school programs, coming all the way to down Earth from the planet Cool. Through dancing, music, comedy, and lots of student participation, he gets the students on board with his youth advice by meeting them on their level.  Students respond to a teen speaker like Patrick because he’s authentic: he’s not putting on a front to talk at them, he’s talking about the truth with them.

From high school assemblies to leadership conferences to working with non-profits, Patrick inspires students. His high school programs show teens that they don’t have to change themselves for anyone else, they just have to be the best version of themselves while taking responsibility for their choices. With all the negative forces in a teen’s life today, which could lead to teen depression or worse, Patrick’s high school programs bring an energetic message of hope that’s as inspiring as it is downright entertaining.  

Patrick’s many years of experience dispensing youth advice as a youth mentor show in the way he relates with students. He’s the author of the popular youth advice books “Mad Skills for Student Success” and “Bully Breakthrough.” Patrick is a role model youth motivation speaker, using his own life story to show students what’s important while having a great time.  

Oh, and he’s a really good dancer.

Contact Patrick today to come to your high school programs, school assemblies or more!                                                                                                                                                                
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   A Different Perspective.

If there was a country called Awesome, Patrick would surely run for office. He's a 1st generation Hispanic college graduate, dance artist, role model and author. Students and advisers would vote for him, will you?      Meet Patrick.

        Flavorful Programs.

Patrick brings content rich prevention and leadership programs that youth love! He's like a gummy multivitamin for the soul. 100% Diva Free. No boring additives.

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              Rock Solid.

We're not talking about his muscles, but rejoice knowing that Patrick is a solid speaker who has rocked 4 national conferences and  programs  in 30+ states over last 7 years.              Read Reviews