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"BREAK FREE of all the NOISE telling you who you should be, when you can be who you are and create the life you want."-Amazon Review

The "labels" others put on us can sometimes influence our views of ourselves. How do you see yourself? Who we are and who we are becoming is a reflection of our past, our environment, our beliefs and view on life itself.Now, are you happen with being who you are?This book is a guided tour of self...actually of embracing self. Two sweet authors by the name of "Pac Man" and "Doc" take you on a journey that will last a lifetime...the journey of your self image.Take a peak inside, we know you will like what you see :)


Bully Prevention & Cessation

Bullies Suck.Period.This book is your guide to taking back your life. Bullies only have the power you allow them to have. Teen-life expert and funky fresh dancer Patrick "Pac Man" Perez shares his experience and insights for dealing with life's little bullies. Learn: +Why You Need a "Crew" +How to Fight Back Without Fighting +Who Really Has the Power in Your Life + And More!


"People should really read this book because it will really help you straighten things out; whether be friends, school or even yourself."- Student Review

Student success speaker and performer Patrick "Pac Man" Perez shares simple tips and interviews for teens. Learn how choices really do impact one's future. Teen issues dealing with: +Sex +Alcohol +Study Habits +And More!