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(aka Mad Skills For Student Success)

Goals/Choices/Resilience/Motivation (45-60 min)  

​ Your students will savor Patrick's fresh dance moves and funky humor as he effectively challenges them to set meaningful goals, accept who they are, take responsibility for their choices and strive for academic and personal success.  

This program will have your audience up and moving, laughing and dancing all the while learning mad skills for their success!  Students will get first hand interactive and multimedia experience of how choices, risk, relationships and identity can impact goals, dreams and ambitions. Patrick’s story of a bullied-band-nerd-turned-break-dancer and award-winning entrepreneur and speaker will inspire students to set-goals, break through their challenges and break free from their excuses. Students are encouraged to use cell-phones to begin sending in their “I will” G.O.A.L.S for the year. Go Out And Learn Something (GOALS) Go Out And Live Significantly (GOALS)  

This program focuses on these developmental assets as compiled by the Search  Institute: # 5-Caring school climate #35-Resistance skills #21-Achievement motivation #37-Personal power #30- Responsibility #39-Sense of purpose #31-Restraint #40-Positive view of personal future #32-Planning and decision making 



E-cigarette and Tobacco Prevention (45-60 min) 

​ This is an upbeat, interactive experience that is part keynote and part trivia game show! Tobacco related illness leads to some 400,000 deaths in the US each year. With the prevalence of  "Vape Culture" in campuses across the country this high energy program sets out to engage students in a trivia style game show while instilling the facts about e-cigarettes. Students will learn about the myths associated with E.N.D.S (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), the impact nicotine and e-cigarette "juice" has on their health and the lies, traps and false images Big Tobacco companies  use to market to youth.  

​The core objectives of this 45-60 minute presentation are to educate elementary, middle and high school students about:  

+The myths and truths surrounding e-cigarette products  

+Big Tobacco’s role in target marketing to adolescents  

+Rising above and being a voice of social influence  

+Cessation tips for friends and steps for users