"What label do you wear? School jock, peppy cheerleader, FCCLA officer.....but do YOU know who you really are? This session helped us all think beyond the labels we put on ourselves."

W. Jordan
Region 2 VP
Missouri FCCLA



(45-90 minute)

This program is an experience for the mind and body. Students will be highly engaged as they move, compete and collaborate on "teen-building" skills for recognizing who they are, the roles they live out and how their thoughts can make or break them. 

These workshops have been used for half-day trainings, full day trainings and multi-day sessions. Patrick can format to fit your agenda!

Break Through Project Phase 1- Self (Intra-personal)

Participants will take an introspective look at themselves, accept their strengths and weaknesses, increase awareness and personal responsibility.

Break Through Project Phase II - Self and others (Interpersonal)  Participants will identify leadership potential, what they do when they work with others, connect their actions and attitudes with the impact it has on others and discover what they should continue or change.

Break Through Project Phase III Future (Implementation)  Participants can practice effective, sustainable behaviors and attitudes, set personal goals for a successful future​:
Team-building exercises focused on holistic goals focused on: Mental, Physical, Social, Financial and Spiritual/Inner Well-Being.

This program focuses on these developmental assets as compiled by the Search 
#35-Resistance skills
#14-Adult role models
#21-Achievement motivation
#37-Personal power
#30- Responsibility
#39-Sense of purpose
#40-Positive view of personal future
#32-Planning and decision making
#7-Community values youth
#8-Youth as resources
#24-Bonding to school
#33-Interpersonal competence
#34-Cultural competency